To the friends of Sitting on Top of the World,

Thank you for visiting the website for Sitting on Top of the World, which will be available in April 2014. This website will explain in part, the story of brothers, Kurt (Walker) Wagner and Heinz Walker and my purpose for writing their story. Please take the time to watch the video of Kurt Wagner. By doing so, you will hopefully obtain an understanding of the story of Sitting on Top of the World. You will also experience the raw emotions present in Kurt Wagner about events that occurred decades ago.

I take no credit for the completion of Sitting on Top of the World. In fact, I only wish that the bits of information that initially drew me into the lives of these two brothers were not true. There was Hitler’s Germany, brothers that lived within blocks of each other, but knew nothing of each other, a Jewish mother and a Christian father, a marriage and a divorce, the Holocaust, one brother raised as a Jew and the other a Christian. Finally, and inconceivably, the father was a Nazi and Brownshirt.

Sitting on Top of the World is dedicated to two brothers, Kurt and Heinz.

Steve Richards